Whichever port or airport you are travelling from, we recommend that you use the A84 leaving at Junction 32, and follow the detailed instructions given below. Please note, your Sat-Nav may not agree with us, but we have had guests tell us that their Sat-Nav has taken them down some very narrow lanes! We suggest you print these instructions before leaving home.

Finding Us

‘La Grande Connais’

St. Georges de Reintembault



Phone: 0033 (0)2 99 97 0016

Our Sat-Nav Coordinates are: 48°31'44.06"N, 1°13'5.86"W

Whether you arrived in France at Caen, Cherbourg, St. Malo or some other way, the instructions are the same. Use your roadmap/Sat-Nav to get onto the A84, and head for Junction 32, Signposted for St. James.

Those of you travelling southwards from Caen, Le Havre or Cherbourg are advised that you may be confused by the road numbers at Avranches. As you approach Avranches, the A84 ends and the road number changes to the N175 and then, on the far side of Avranches, a few miles later, changes back to the A84. – DO NOT LEAVE THE MOTORWAY – continue heading in the direction of Rennes until you reach Junction 32. You are now about 15 minutes away. 

1. Leave A84 at Junction 32 sign posted for St. James, and continue through several roundabouts following signs for D30 - St. James and Louvigne du Desert

2. You will pass the St James’ place name and you continue on this road

3. Shortly after that you should pass a tractor garage on your right hand side, and a short distance after that there is a set of traffic lights. Turn right at the lights and then almost immediately second left following signs for St. Hillaire and the American War Cemetery,

4. As you pass through St. James you will pass a car park to your left with the Church beyond, and the road follows the old town walls (still to your left) downwards, and then a sharp hairpin bend to the right – careful it’s very tight!

5. At the bottom of the hill you will pass the town sign as you leave St. James. The road bends to the left as you start to climb, and after 500 yards turn right – just after the Bar/Tabac – D230 sign posted for St. George de Reintembault, Louvigne du Dessert and the American War Cemetery.

6. You will pass the American War Cemetery at the top of the hill. The hedges are very neat and there is a main gate with small car parking area by the side of the road

7. You now have a scenic drive through the countryside for about 3 miles.

8. CARE – you will shortly enter the village of St. George de Reintembault and the next few instructions happen quite quickly

9. A short distance after entering the village you will reach the small village square, with the war memorial statue to your left and a bar on your right. Keep going straight on.

10. After 200 yards turn left – the junction is almost hidden as you approach – signed St. Martin de L. (Vets on the corner).

If you miss this turning don’t worry, a little further on you will pass a Garage on your right and a large sign for Champion supermarket – You’ve gone too far, but there is a place to turn round just after the garage on the right hand side.

11. Drive for about 2 miles through the countryside, and past a few farms and houses – there are some tight bends so take care!

NOTE – ‘La Grande Connais’ refers to a small group of houses, not just us. If you are using your Sat-Nav at this point it may take you to the wrong house so please read the instruction below.

12. You will see a group of farm buildings with corrugated roofs on your right just before a right hand bend. Immediately in front of you before the bend is a big stone cross. Take the narrow track to the left of the cross, past the small cottage and we are located a little farther down where the lane turns to the right.

13. You’ve made it – WELCOME!